The Leader movement is a functioning rural development policy in the countries of the European Union since 1991. The term LEADER comes from the French language Liaison Entre Action de Developpement de l’ Economie Rurale, or in Estonian – ‘Maamajanduse arendamise tegevuste suhtevõrgustik’, or in English ‘The network of relations for rural economic development activities.’

LEADER is a European Union Community Initiative Program. The program aims to promote local life in rural areas through cooperation at local level, helping to create rural development strategies based on local partnerships.

The purpose of the LAG Rapla Partnership is to develop local life in Rapla County, to contribute to the preservation, revitalization and sustainable development of rural areas and villages, including the development of local entrepreneurship, services, tourism and employment and the well-being of the residents of the area of activity.

The area of Rapla county is 2974,26 km². The population in area is 32 509 (01/01/2022). Raplamaa is a place of springs, both literally and figuratively, where whole rivers start, as well as new ideas and even schools.
Raplamaa is crossed by natural, linguistic and cultural borders. According to scientific theory, border areas are the most species-rich and fertile. This is where the wealth of Rapla County is born, which is difficult to notice at first glance.

The membership of the Raplamaa Partnership is 101 (06/09/23), of which 5 are local governments, 42 are companies and self-employed persons, and 54 NGOs and Foundations.

Actions of the Raplamaa Partnership Strategy 2014-2020:
1. Community investments
2. Strengthening the competitiveness of business
3. Promotion of the community

The implementation of these measures provides a good opportunity to add value to rural life by strengthening links between communities, supporting small businesses, improving the area’s tourism potential, preserving the local cultural heritage and the environmentally rich residential area. Besides, it also helps to activate cooperation with other organizations with similar issues at the national and international level.

Contact us:
Viljandi mnt 6, Rapla, Raplamaa, 79511, Estonia